Boysen on the ‘Evryman Podcast’ with Dan Doty

Boysen on the ‘Evryman Podcast’ with Dan Doty

I was happy to have the opportunity to site with Dan Doty, cofounder of the ‘Evryman’ organization, recently featured in a Men’s Health Magazine article. “Inside the Retreat Where Men Purge Toxic Emotions” – see the article there and the shoutout to the ManKind Project in the article.

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“What would the world be like if you could look into the eyes of another man and not be afraid?” – Boysen Hodgson

Boysen is the Communications Director for the ManKind Project. MKP is a globally established men’s community for the 21st century.  They have been offering men’s trainings and peer-led men’s groups for 30 years and have impacted hundreds of thousands of men.

On this episode Dan and Boysen explore the issues men are facing today, and offer a ton of simple and powerful ways to show up, engage, and get involved.  You can find out everything MKP at this link, and key into their New Warrior Training Adventure.

Perth Tribe – Live FB Talk with Freedom Zzj

Perth Tribe – Live FB Talk with Freedom Zzj

Freedom Zzj reached out to me on Facebook from Perth, Australia to learn more about the ManKind Project after seeing MKP on the Netflix “Follow This” program – Season 1 Episode 4 – Men’s Rights. The ‘Perth Tribe’ page is big – with over 10,000 Members: Learn more about it here. Though there were some technical difficulties with the video on the Live Chat – the audio was great and the discussion was rich.

Some of the big take-aways:

  • Integration is a powerful key to mature masculinity
  • Learning to slow down our conversations and reactions can help us cope
  • You can’t do this alone

From the post:


LIVE on Perth Tribe – Boysen Hodgson – ManKind Project USA
(Seems like we had some issues with the picture, however audio was fine. Enjoy!)

Talking about masculinity, ManKind Project, issues men face in today’s day and age and how MKP is helping redefine masculinity, as brothers are stepping into their power.

Recently, I watched the episode on “Follow This” (Netflix) produced in May 2018, by Buzzfeed Media, featuring ManKind Project – topic Men’s Rights.

I was deeply touched by the work done by Boysen Hodgson and his group (MKP USA).
I was touched by the power of the work done – holding space for men to delve into their feelings, challenge the old stereotypes and redefine masculinity.

“What we’re doing is empowering men to be the best version of themselves for society, for the women in their lives, for the children in their lives, and most importantly for themselves.”
Eka Darville

How to be a Mature Man – Boysen Hodgson on Shana James’ – Man Alive Podcast

How to be a Mature Man – Boysen Hodgson on Shana James’ – Man Alive Podcast

Shana James and I dive into the New Macho as an aspirational credo for the modern, mature, man. Shana is doing incredible work with a wide variety of evolutionary leaders and learners. Find her here:

Visit the Show Page here:


A Mature Man integrates all parts of men, rather than forcing them into an idealized version of manhood that is isolating, exhausting and unfulfilling to try to live up to. 

Show notes:

In this conversation we cover:

  • The Old Macho vs. The New Macho and how these relate to the concept of “toxic masculinity”
  • The foundational teachings many men did not learn from their parents that makes life harder and lonelier
  • What frees men from having to pretend they’ve got it all figured out
  • How to stay on track in mid-life, even with the grief and struggle we face through parenting, aging, etc.
  • A way to understand extremist behaviors we see more of these days — shootings, abuse, etc.



I am deeply honored to be included in this stellar group of men. Thanks to Ludo Gabriel, the creator of WOKEDADDY for this recognition.

I continue to do my work as a Dad. I SEE YOU, Dad. I feel it too. I feel it all. Thank you for the work you’re doing to unlearn and to learn.

Have you heard the good news? We are currently witnessing the rise of a healthier culture of masculinity and some dads are leading this change by personifying modern fatherhood.

Fathers are increasingly embracing their caregiving roles, taking advantage of their paid family leave, and sharing their joy of being dads. According to Zero to Three, 90% of dads say being a parent is their greatest joy and 85% say being a father is the best job in the world. However this change of perception did not happen overnight. It took the commitment of brave visionaries that stepped outside the preconceived notion of masculinity and fatherhood to embrace themselves.

Today, I want to highlight 15 inspiring dads who exemplify modern fatherhood. I have the privilege of knowing a few of them personally; I have crossed paths with some of them notably when I attended the Dad 2.0 Summit for the first time. One thing for certain is that I feel SO MUCH respect and gratitude for all of them. Despite the diversity of this group, they all have one thing in common: fatherhood is at the core of their mission. Some of them might be entrepreneurs, but they are full-time dads committed to growth. They all embody this idea that old visions of fathers as distant and dominating benefit no one. Making lists of inspiring men is always hard for me. While you may think that 15 fathers is a large list, I am happy to report that I am grateful to know many more purpose-driven dads that deserve all the light they can get: it will give me the opportunity to do a second round. ~ Ludo Gabriel

Manhood, Masculinity, & Meaning – from Women In Depth with Lourdes Viado

Manhood, Masculinity, & Meaning – from Women In Depth with Lourdes Viado

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What is the meaning of masculinity and why does it matter?
  • The importance of finding a place where the context of your existence is made sense of
  • Why the biggest journey a man can take is the 18 inches from his brain to his heart
  • What is a man’s armor and how is it preventing him from doing his “shadow work”?
  • Are you a candidate for the New Warrior Training Adventures?

Recorded in March 2018