Wellness + Wisdom Podcast with Josh Trent

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast with Josh Trent

“Toxic” Femininity & Masculinity: How The Establishment Divides Us | Boysen Hodgson

“Masculinity and femininity are inherently beautiful, yet the media has distorted these words with the phrase “toxic.” Together, now we get to decide as a culture how to move forward with a new narrative. Society is changing, and we’re not going backward.” – Boysen Hodgson

What factors of our culture and society are no longer serving the feminine and masculine? How can we come and work together to create something new that fits what we want?

In Wellness + Wisdom episode 258, Marketing & Communications Director for The ManKind Project USA and author of The New MachoBoysen Hodgson, explains what has created “toxic” masculinity and feminity, how men and women can process and connect through safe spaces, and the #IAmResponsible Campaign that MKP has launched in response to #MeToo.

Learn how men can support each other to heal from their past traumas, come to their whole masculine and feminine selves, and realign with women.